Super Saturdays- Celebrating Women’s History at The MAC

Saturday my family and I went to the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture. On the entry level of the museum Cheryl Metcalf was demonstrating sculpting Amelia Earhart. IMG_1322 IMG_1324 Cheryl welcomed visitors to work on their own sculpture… IMG_1327

A quartet from Whitworth University were playing jazz. When we stopped to listen to them they asked if our daughter had any requests and we jokingly said Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. They honored our request and played a jazzy version of the song that was so catchy that we’ve still got it stuck in our heads (Be sure to watch the video)… Parfleche is a Native American rawhide bag… IMG_1334 This one was done on paper… IMG_1335 You could create your own parfleche with paint and a paper bag… IMG_1337 Chris and I were commenting on how they should have live jazz all the time at the museum. It made the art and the whole experience of the museum come alive (Be sure to watch the video)… We enjoyed these photographs of artist’s tools of their trade The Artist’s Palette: Through the Lens of Dean Davis… IMG_1339 IMG_1347 Encased in Plexiglass with holes to smell through there was a palette with oil paints on it… IMG_1345 They had palettes with dried paint that you could pick up and feel… IMG_1344 You could “Explore shoes through different mediums” by using stencils of different style of shoes to trace onto paper or felt and then adorn with sequins, buttons, beads, laces, etc… IMG_1349 I found the paper for my shoe and then I immediately knew I was going to do a shoe inspired by the 2012 Spring/Summer Prada collection that was inspired by vintage cars. I don’t have a smartphone to Google images of the Prada collection with so I had to just try to remember what they looked like… IMG_1353 Chris cleverly decided to make a shoe inspired by our daughter’s Converse high tops… IMG_1357 IMG_1365 A lovely boot created by a fellow Artist Trading Card creator who just happened to be crafting shoes at the same time we were… IMG_1354 Liz Bishop was demonstrating how to use a pottery wheel. Pictured below is Chris giving it a spin… IMG_1358 IMG_1366 IMG_1368

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