Spokanerrific Roadtrip – Portland Part I – Chocolate!!!

I was down in Portland for a week and half around Thanksgiving. I stopped by as many of my favorite places as possible.

I know that a lot of people from Spokane travel down to Portland or plan to move there. Starting today and continuing throughout the week I will be sharing my local hometown picks and favorites.

Let’s start with CHOCOLATE!!!

Namely the best place in Portland for chocolate- Cacao.

Cacao was a twice to three times a week indulgence for me. I would stop in to get a mug of their Rivoli drinking chocolate, sit down at a table and leaf through foreign fashion magazines…


I got to know the owners Aubrey and Jesse…


and the employees (Chris and Aja [Aja on the right in the photo, still works at Cacao, if you stop in tell him hi for me])…


Drinking chocolate is an amazingly delicious decadent thick chocolate that you drink. At Cacao it is available in three different flavors and serving sizes.

Cacao also has an incredibly well curated selection of the finest chocolate bars from around the world. Talk with one of the employees to find the perfect bar for your tastes. One of my  favorite bars is the locally produced Romulus Remus (dark chocolate with coffee nibs) by Cocanu. The creator of Cocanu chocolate is Sebastian Cisneros, who used to work at Cacao. A popular bar that Sebastian makes is Moonwalk (dark chocolate, cacao nibs, and Pop Rocks). Other tasty chocolate treats to keep an eye out for are the chocolate covered toffees that you can buy individually or by the bag, gorgeous gilded chocolate icons by local chocolatier Alma, and at Easter time – blue speckled chocolate eggs from Michel Cluizel.






Another chocolate place that I enjoy going to is Moonstruck Chocolates. I am a big fan of their Conquistador chocolate hazelnut milkshake, which you can also get in tasty truffle form. This is the place to go for fun and unusually shaped chocolates. Depending on the season you will find truffles shaped like: rabbits, Easter eggs, hearts, leaves, snowmen, Christmas trees, cats, dogs, and more. They have truffles that are infused with tea, liquor and beer. On our recent visit my husband enjoyed trying Moonstruck’s Deschutes Brewery beer truffle…


Cacao has two locations. My preferred location is their West End Store which is located at 414 SW 13th Avenue. They also have a location At The Heathman Hotel which is located at 712 SW Salmon Street.

Moonstruck Chocolates has locations throughout Portland- but, my preferred location is their Northwest 23rd Cafe which is located at 526 NW 23rd Avenue.

Stay tuned to Spokanerrific throughout the week for more posts of a few of my favorite Portland things.

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