Portland is chockablock with interesting stores, bars, restaurants, things to do, things to see. Today and tomorrow I am focusing on Shopping.

There are lots of places that I like to frequent in Portland for shopping. Posted below are some of the spots I hit while I was in town this time around.

A must stop for any book lover is Powell’s Books. I grew up going to Powell’s and have been spoiled by it’s mind boggling selection of new and used books. I worked for a time at the Powell’s location in Beaverton. The Powell’s Books for Home and Garden on S.E. Hawthorne is one of my favorite places to shop for gifts and things for myself. The main store which is located in downtown Portland at 1005 West Burnside has the most comprehensive selection of all genres.  My vintage clothing store Lulu’s Vintage was located right across the street diagonal from Powell’s – so, it was hard to not stop in to browse before or after work. If you are shopping for books for children Powell’s has a great kids section that features child size tables and chairs for sitting and reading .

My favorite section of the store is the third floor Pearl Room which houses the art, photography, design, and fashion books. This is also the room that hosts author readings…







My favorite place to pick up fashion, interiors, and travel magazines is from the wide array that is for sale at Rich’s Cigar & Magazines. My two favorite locations to shop are the NW 23rd store (706 NW 23rd Ave) and the Pearl district store (922 NW Flanders). The downtown store has the largest selection and allows pipe and cigar smoking…


Thea’s Vintage Living (1204 NW Glisan St) has lovely displays featuring vintage and antique wares as well as some locally designed merchandise…




Thea recently returned from a trip to Japan where she picked up some lovely obis…




Billy Galaxy (912 W Burnside St) is stocked full of toys from your childhood. GI Joe, Transformers, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Peanuts, and tons more characters are to be found for sale. My vintage clothing store used to be right next door to Billy Galaxy (there is now a soap store where my shop was).

Holly is often working at Billy Galaxy and can help you find what you are looking for…




I met the lovely lady Layla who does my hair at an antique show. We both love vintage, fashion, pop culture, etc and we have lots to talk about while she cuts my hair. I would highly recommend availing yourself of her services, especially if you have wavy or curly hair, she knows what she is doing! Layla has decorated her salon The Bobby Pin in a thoroughly fun, enjoyable way…




Tune in tomorrow for more shopping tips for Portland. I will be focusing on stores that sell locally designed merchandise.

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