The Evergreen Cat Fanciers Show – On Safari 2016 Coverage

On Sunday my family and I enjoyed visiting The Evergreen Cat Fanciers Show – On Safari 2016 at the Double Tree City Center. The Cat Show was packed full of feline beauty and purr-sonality! There were breed confirmations going on throughout the show where selected breeds would be taken out of their cages and looked over by the judges. There was even a cat fashion show that included cats dressed as an angel and one as a devil. There were lots of cat fashions to be seen on the breeders and the visitors to the show. I think next year they should have a cat tshirt contest-I certainly saw lots of gems!


My daughter wanted my husband to carry her purse…


Hey…Cats Are People Too!


I think some of the cats thought that I was a real leopard. They would stare at me with wide eyes. I would look at them with soft loving eyes and that would usually help them  not to be alarmed.


From their shirts to their shoes this trio were rocking the cat look…


Democrats has cats in it…just sayin’…


Ah..the Hug Life…it’s tough…



Visit Spokane was having an Instagram #spocaturdaygiveaway where you put an I Heart Spokane & Cats sticker on something and took a photo of it to share. The winner received a small Radio Flier wagon filled with kitty themed loot. I won the contest with my cat collection!!! Check out the photos on Instagram. I haven’t picked up my prize yet- I can’t wait to see what’s in that wagon!

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