Fish Eye Camera Fun Part I

I used to always have a Cannon Power Shoot A3100 IS that I would carry around with me wherever I went. I was very satisfied with the quality this little camera could capture. Alas I dropped it on the ground one too many times. My dad kindly sent me up another point and shoot that he had bought for himself- but, it turned out to be too bulky to take on his outdoor adventures. The camera, a Canon PowerShot SX400 IS, is okay shooting in clear skies- but, otherwise it has a hard time getting crisp images and colors. One day I was messing around with the settings and found that the Fish Eye Effect took cool photos and most of the time captures crisper images and colors than the regular setting. So now I walk around town talking photos using the fish eye effect.


There is an empty lot that has intrigued me since I moved here. It is located right in front of the Sacred Heart Medical Center. Every time I drove by the lot the rock outcroppings, the abandoned staircases, and the paper money plants would catch my eye. One day I was driving by and saw that there were several construction vehicles sitting parked on the lot having already begun the process of clearing trees and land for a new building site. I decided that it was time to finally stop and check out the area. When driving and walking around Spokane when I see old staircases and rock walls it always makes me sad to imagine the amazing architectural structures that once stood there.


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