Spokanerrific’s One Year Anniversary!

A year ago today I started Spokanerrific!

In that time I have created 146 posts sharing what I find to be Terrific about Spokane!

Did you know that I do all the photography, event coverage and writing for my blog posts?!? Travelling throughout Spokane and surrounding areas to find Terrific things to share with you!

I have covered events such as the Spokane Art’s Costume Ball, Terrain (Part I and Part II), Bazaar (Part I and Part II), Farm Chicks (Part I , Part II, Part III, Part IV, and Part V), Custer’s Antique Shows(Spring and Fall) as well as many other great local events. I have also done coverage of some of the area’s best stores, bars and restaurants. Please take some time to check out the posts that I linked to or click on the photo tiles on the Home page to be taken to all the other posts.

Thanks for being supportive of me and Spokanerrific and my mission to share what’s Terrific about Spokane!

We thought of getting a pinata to celebrate. But, there were just too many to choose from…





6 thoughts on “Spokanerrific’s One Year Anniversary!

  1. Dear, dear Lullu! I can’t tell you how much I love your blog! Having only been back in Spokane for a few years now you have helped me discover and become more involved. You have truly have made me happier to be here.
    Thank you for your hard work style and wonderful spirit! Spokane is lucky to have you!
    Hugs, Carol


  2. Thank you for what you do. When I decided to move back to my hometown of Spokane after 30 years, I wanted to see what was new and exciting and your blog was a great help. I found out there is more to Spokane than I expected. Thanks for all you do, keep it up.


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