Macy’s Basement Blowout!!!

My favorite part of the store to shop during Macy’s closing sale is the basement!

There are so many cool mannequins and other things for sale in the basement, and the prices can’t be beat! Used mannequins that would usually sell for $100-$200 are only around $30-

If I had lots of room I would snatch these mannequins up for my next vintage clothing store or my next art project- but, alas I don’t. So these beauts are up for grabs…


Make your own leg lamp…


I bought these cardboard cutout head profiles…




I really liked the next two mannequins posted below- but, I didn’t know if I would be able to pull fragile vintage clothing over the fantastic hairdos…


I love that the mannequin below has painted on tennis shoes…


I bought this sign…


Amber Valletta and Natalia Vodianova are wondering what they are doing for sale in the basement of Macy’s in Spokane…


Outdated technology for sale…


I was super excited to find these gigantic chalkboards and immediately imagined them stacked on top of on another in our hallway- unfortunately they had already sold- but, didn’t have a sold sticker on them…


I opened one of the drawers of this desk and there were still snacks stashed inside of it…


Macys is located at Main & Wall in downtown. Hurry in the store is closing this weekend!!!

I was in Macys yesterday and a lot of the mannequins featured in my photos have already sold.

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