Chefs Week PNW & Raising The Bar

Yesterday I headed over to the Washington Cracker Co. Building to check out Raising The Bar at their first event of the season and to poke my head in to the Cracker Building to check out Chefs Week PNW and sneak a peek at Fellow Coworking.

Raising The Bar is a traveling trailer that houses a collection of items for all your imbibing needs…

.smallDSC_8831 Renee Cebula the owner of Raising The Bar….smallDSC_8851.smallDSC_8840.smallDSC_8835.smallDSC_8813.smallDSC_8802.smallDSC_8798.smallDSC_8810.smallDSC_8844.smallDSC_8846.smallDSC_8849.smallDSC_8797.smallDSC_8841.smallDSC_8803Inside Chefs Week PNW….smallDSC_8817.smallDSC_8821.smallDSC_8819.smallDSC_8854.smallDSC_8824.smallDSC_8825.smallDSC_8830

Chefs Week PNW continues to run through today and tomorrow.


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