Create Spokane Costume Ball & Arts Awards 2016

This past Saturday night was the 2016 Create Spokane Costume Ball & Arts Awards.

This is my second year of covering the event for Spokanerrific and I love to see how creative people get with their costumes.

Unfortunately I arrived to the ball late and missed the Arts Awards being handed out. I was able to catch the dance party and the revelers…

Freddie Mercurysmalldsc_3249

Iris Apfel, Andy Warhol, Picasso’s Blue Period…smalldsc_3258

Iris Apfel and Carl Apfelsmalldsc_3555

Picasso and his Blue Period..smalldsc_3239

Cleopatra and King Tut…smalldsc_3259

Edward Gorey character (one of my favorite costumes)…smalldsc_3264

Farrah Fawcettsmalldsc_3272

Charlie Chaplin really had the Chaplinesque moves on the dance floor…smalldsc_3277

The two Charlies: Charlie Chaplin and Charlie Brownsmalldsc_3562

Jeanne Claude and Christosmalldsc_3290

Girl with a Pearl Earringsmalldsc_3300smalldsc_3340

Sally and Bob Rosssmalldsc_3352

Cindy Sherman and Crying Girlsmalldsc_3390

David Bowiesmalldsc_3437

Emily Dickinsonsmalldsc_3445

Black Swan




Picasso’s Blue Period and Karen Mobley…smalldsc_3626smalldsc_3564smalldsc_3601smalldsc_3602smalldsc_3412smalldsc_3327smalldsc_3419smalldsc_3524smalldsc_3458smalldsc_3517smalldsc_3315smalldsc_3317smalldsc_3623smalldsc_3357smalldsc_3375smalldsc_3365smalldsc_3476smalldsc_3582smalldsc_3425

Me as Yayoi Kusamasmalldsc_3257

Looking forward to next year’s Create Spokane Costume Ball & Awards!!!

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