Coverage of Craft Show Maven’s Holiday Sale 2016

This past Friday night I covered the Craft Show Maven’s Evening with the Artists Holiday Sale.

This is my favorite holiday art and craft sale that I have attended here in Spokane. It only has slightly to do with there being an entire table dedicated to chocolate to enjoy and Fireball being paired with hot chocolate.

The show was cohesive in it’s presentation of quality arts and crafts and it had a nicely curated as well as cozy and welcoming vibe…

Robin Shulte Peltier and Linnea Tobias…


Julia Hunton…smalldsc_3895smalldsc_3900smalldsc_3907smalldsc_3909smalldsc_3913smalldsc_3920

Joan Eaton & Dani Fletcher…smalldsc_3934smalldsc_3939smalldsc_3943smalldsc_3952smalldsc_3957smalldsc_3958smalldsc_3959smalldsc_3960smalldsc_3962smalldsc_3963smalldsc_3964

Sarita Morgan…smalldsc_3840smalldsc_3967smalldsc_3970smalldsc_3973smalldsc_3976smalldsc_3977smalldsc_3980smalldsc_3999

Penny Cannon…smalldsc_4011

Dana McBride…smalldsc_4018smalldsc_4024smalldsc_4027smalldsc_4029smalldsc_4031smalldsc_4034smalldsc_4036smalldsc_4038

For people attending the Evening with the Artists event there was a raffle of baskets full of wonderful goodies made by the artists and craftspeople…smalldsc_3928

I wasn’t kidding about the table full of chocolate…smalldsc_3853

There was also a table of old fashioned candies…smalldsc_3949

I also wasn’t kidding about the Fireball. I had never had it before and guess what my husband and I bought at Trader Joes this past weekend 😉 Perfect for those cold winter evenings!

Thanks to all the women who worked so hard to make the Craft Show Mavens Holiday Sale such a fun and beautiful event! Thanks as well to all the creative individuals set up selling their wonderful wares!

The next Craft Show Mavens show will be happening April 8, 2017.

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