Me, my blogs, stores, and events have been featured:

In/on these national and international media sources: The Guardian UK; Conde Nast Traveller UK; Conde Nast Traveler US; Thomas Cook Travel; Elle Japan; The Oregonian; Portland Mercury; Willamette Week; Portland Tribune; Portland Monthly; 1859; Pretty Fun Things; MS. MS. ; Vixen Vintage; Ephemera.

Interviewed on Portland television and national radio.

Follow this link to read some of the articles that have featured me and my ventures.


My other ventures are:

Spokane Artist Trading Cards. A local group that I lead that meets once a month and trades 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ works of art that we have created: Spokane Artist Trading Cards

Lulu Ludlum is my artist name under which I create collages and sculptures: LuluLudlum

My various different vintage ventures as Lulu: Lulu’s Vintage Blog, Lulu a la Mode on InstagramLulu’s Vintage on Facebook

Shop Vintage Portland. A guide to all things vintage in Portland: Shop Vintage Portland

4 thoughts on “About

  1. S -Sophisticated stores full of friendly shoppers. P – Personal attention & care at A-1 medical treatment centers. O – Outdoors activities all year long, great variety with fantastic scenery. K – Kind people. A – All varieties of weather and scenery within 50 mile radius. E – Excellent area to visit and/or live!


  2. Spokane is fantastic for outdoor sports- especially biking (Spokane Bike Club and Spokefest and many other clubs and local rides) and running (The Flying Irish the #1 running club in the USA by Runner’s World) – Hoopfest & Bloomsday- the river and lake sports- Just a hop skip and a jump from Couer D’ Alene and the mountains. The people are friendly and most are very kind and have generous hearts. There are many great restaurants, many fun breweries, pubs, and places to go. Rocket Market and Rocket Bakery and Rockwood Bakery too 🙂 Great parks and the bluffs- Fantastic views over the bluffs- Great libraries that are supported by the community. A variety of music tastes and venues- several fun movie/theaters as the Garland and Bing which care about the people and have venues that interest a wide range of folks.
    Arts are encouraged- Where else can you have a whiskey and pie evening with poetry? Every church has a fantastic group of singers in their choir and we have many diverse religious groups in Spokane.
    A small city flavor where you can be urban or go out to the country in a few minutes by bike, walking or car- The Centennial Trail can provide a great outdoor adventure all the way to Idaho.
    These things are just starters

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